Vance West Drummer

Vance S. WestVance West is currently the touring drummer for country artist sensation 'Don Gates', along with being a founding member of blues-rock band "Falcon Awesome".

Vance was most recently a part of local Tampa, Florida band "Autumn's Pain", New York thrash luminaries "Toxic Shock" and country artist "Sammy Davis Jr.".  Early on during the late 80s'-early90's he was the drummer for "Cyrus", a progressive rock band founded with his brother Lonnie West. Over they years he's played with former members of "DIO", "Great White" and has built a solid resume of live and studio credits in rock, country, metal and blues.

As a drummer Vance grew up watching Buddy Rich and emulating disciplined pocket players like Bun E Carlos, Peter Criss and Stan Lynch. Those early influences soon transitioned to the power and precision of Neil Peart, Vinny Appice, Clive Burr, Mikkey Dee, Scott Rockenfield and Mark Zonder. Some of his favorite drummers these days are: Randy Black, Richard Christy, Rich Redmond, Jason Rullo, Bobby Jarzobek, Marco Minneman and Chad Szeliga.