Falcon Awesome “Song In My Soul” Guitar Solo Recording

Falcon Awesome “Song In My Soul” Guitar Solo Recording

Tampa Bay’s own Falcon Awesome released their first single “Song In My Soul” recently to an awaiting fanbase.

Below is a short video on the guitar solo tracking and gear run down:

Falcon Awesome is comprised of Jason Tomascik and Michael Errion on vocals and guitars, percussionist extraordinaire Vance West on drums, and myself on bass and guitar. What makes this band different is that we are NOT trying to be bigger, badder, flashier, heavier, or faster than anyone.

Instead, we are going back to our roots before music became all plastic and corporate. We have a love of melody and classic songwriting, but with the twist of putting modern technique into it. We cannot categorize this band easily, but it would be fair to say that if you love classic songs from decades ago and also the power and dynamics of modern bands, there is something here for you.
We are also 100% committed to a new business model in the music industry.

Falcon Awesome is wholly owned, created, recorded, mixed, mastered, published, managed, and distributed by the 4 guys in the band. When you click BUY and invest your hard-earned 99 cents, you are actually helping real musicians do what they love to do! Instead of rewarding an industry designed to leech from the efforts of the artists, you encourage the artists themselves to continue.

Click BUY only if you like what you hear and want to help us make more!

Their first single “Song in My Soul” is available NOW !

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