Vance West Will Join Demented Truth for Upcoming Shows

Florida based drummer Vance West will perform with “Demented Truth” on all upcoming USA show Dates.

“Once again stepping in to some big shoes to fill, I’m excited to be out there performing with these guys. I think this is my one-millionth project working with Mark, so that’s awesome, we always work well together. I’ll do my best to perform the songs as everyone has come to know them, these guys are a very classic sounding sort of rock/metal band, not too progressive, not too blistering or growling, just a very classic sound a la Priest, Cult, Maiden, even a bit funky at times.”

Having already played a handful of shows over the summer around south and central Florida, Demented Truth have a few upcoming local shows before the end of 2017 and are looking forward to busy 2018.

The track “Last Crusade” from their EP can be heard below