Vance West Drum Kit Tour and Gear Run Down 2015

Hello everyone and Happy New Year !

Here’s a drum kit tour and gear run down of my 2014/2015 setup that I use on most shows and recording. Some things may vary according to scenario & environment, and I do throw in new things to check out occassionally, but largely stays very close to this.

Enjoy, please comment, like, share and keep going !

== Gear ==

Pearl Masters MCX (6ply all maple 7.5mm)
12″ Tom
16″ Floor Tom
14×6.5″ Steel Snare
22×18″ Kick

Clear Vintage Emperor
Coated/Clear CS
Clear Powerstroke 3

Gibraltar Hardware
Sabian Cymbals
Audix Microphones
Kelly SHU Mic Mount
Pro-Mark 5AB Nylon Tip
SKB Cases