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Remote Viewing what happened to Flight 19 (Archive 2005)

Remote Viewing What Happened to Flight 19

Remote viewing targets can be divided in to two main types at a fundamental macro level – those that can be validated with tangible feedback, and those that cannot be validated. Scientifically speaking you are not remote viewing unless what you are remote viewing has verifiable feedback to analyze the accuracy of the data perceived under blind or double-blind conditions. That being said remote viewing should also be fun, engaging and keep an individual interested in exploring its possibilities. On occasion remote viewers will take a look at these type of non-validation or what I call “enigma” targets. These enigma targets are at the end of the day, speculative, they cannot be verified usually – but can be interesting none the less. This remote viewing archive is one such enigma, what happened to Flight 19.

In December 2005, I decided to employ remote viewing to take a look back at the events surrounding the disappearance of ‘Flight 19’. With an appearance on GhostlyTalk Radio on December 4th 2005 , I thought it suiting to see what information remote viewing would shed upon this subject. I wasn’t sure where it would go, or if the data produced by ‘blind’ remote viewers would be conclusive enough to draw any basic conclusions. Enjoy.

You can find the archived report here in PDF format. Remote Viewing What Happened to Flight 19