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Remote Viewing Winning Lottery (Archive 2003)

Here’s an excellent example of remote viewing the winning lottery numbers by one of my students for a small “Cash 3” type of lottery from our archives. Alphanumerical information with remote viewing has always been considered by many as “impossible” or quite challenging at the very least. Several methods to work around this difficulty has been utilized over the years, such as associative remote viewing or kinesthetic dowsing type of approaches, but here at TSI we spent a substantial amount of time, many years ago developing a very specific technique and targeting cue. To be clear, no sort of target association, dowsing, etc is used – the numbers are being remote viewed directly. This is quite unique in the remote viewing field and no one else has publicly displayed winning results in this manner to my knowledge. (Note: There are proprietary aspects of the session images that are purposely blurred).

Archive from December 2003. Remote Viewing Winning Cash 3 Lottery Results and Tickets.